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Pay for Twitter Followers

Do you want to spend some money to pay for twitter followers to increase the followers of your twitter account?Then you can pay us to buy twitter followers from us.



Why will you pay us for Twitter Followers

  • We do not ask your twitter account’s password to increase the followers of your account.

  • We just need your twitter account name or link to increase the followers.

  • We can provide niche targeted followers.Such as music,sports or any of targeted niche.

  • Our provided followers will stay on your account for long time and active on twitter

  • All time we provide more followers than your paid followers

Price List to Pay for Twitter followers

See the bellow table about price and delivery time for twitter followers.Here we have listed different packages for 500 to 5000 twitter followers.So if you want pay for 500 to 5000 twitter followers then you can buy now or anytime from bellow:


Amounts of Followers

Delivery Days

Price in USD

Payment Option

How to Place an Order?




Buy It Now

Click on Buy Now button of your targeted amounts of followers from the left side and checkout with paypal or card.After sending the payment you will be automatically redirected to bellow order form page:


Order Page


Or after sending the payment come back to this current page and click on above “Order Page” to visit that order form page.From there fill out and submit the form with your twitter account name or link.After getting that form we will start your work within 2.30 to 3 hours.

Or email us your account name to our bellow email ID:






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To buy odd numbers of followers such as 50,790,334 etc or to pay for twitter followers without paypal please click bellow custom order page button:


Custom Order Page





Buy It Now




Buy It Now




  • We can provide 100 to 40000 followers to any single account.So if you want to pay for twitter followers more than 5000 then contact with us via live support or via this contact form page or visit our this Custom Twitter Followers page

  • We can also provide quick followers.Such as 10000 followers in around 10 hours.So if you need quick followers then just write that in order form or email us at info@royalserviceteam.com


Questions & Answers Related to Pay for Twitter Followers


1. Followers from real users who has profile pictures and active?

Yes all the followers will be real people and each followers will go from such type of twitter account who has profile pictures and followers.So do not worry about this.

2. Will these followers stay long time in my account?

Sure.Each and every followers provided by us will stay for long time.We provide extra followers more than what you pay all time.From our experience we seen that our provided followers stay long time.

3. What is your payment method to pay for twitter followers ?

Our primary payment method is payapl.But we also accept credit card,moneybookers and alertpay.These all are online money transaction system.But if you have no way to pay us via these then we accept western union.See our this Pay without PayPal page to know more.

4. Can I pay for twitter followers via western union or moneygram?

Yes you can.To know more about how to pay for twitter followers via western union visit our this Pay without PayPal page or contact with us via live support.

5. After sending payment when will I see followers are increasing?

We normally take 2 to 3 hours to start promoting to get followers to your page/account.So within 2 to 3 hours you will see that followers are increasing.

6. Do you work also in holidays or weekends?

Yes we work each and every day of the week.So if you need to pay for twitter followers on holiday then do not worry you can order.

7. Can you provide so quick followers to my account?

We do not suggest our any client to collect so quick followers.But if you extremely need quick followers such as 1000 followers in one hour then yes we can provide.For that after sending payment email us at infor@royalserviceteam.com or tell us that in order form.But again saying this is not good to collect so many followers quickly.


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Jun 17, 2013 by Mirko

Amazing service! 2 Days, 2000 REAL FOLLOWERS! I love it! Thanks for support!

This is my 4 th buying from them

Nov 22, 2012 by Frank

Just bought another package of 3500 followers for my account and it is my 4th buying from them.I am very happy by their service.

Amazing Twitter Service

Nov 03, 2012 by Alan

First time I bought followers for my company's account from them to promote my products.I got my all followers even extra followers timely and now promoting my products to them.I will use them again sure.

Best twitter followers provier I seen so far

Oct 23, 2012 by jhon

I have bought 500 followers around 3 month ago from them.Since then i have bought so far more than 15k followers from them for my 3 different accounts.I am so happy so far.

Got all the followers timely

Jul 18, 2012 by gerry corcoran

I paid for the followers and got all followers timely.

, USA 5.0 5.0 5 5 Amazing service! 2 Days, 2000 REAL FOLLOWERS! I love it! Thanks for support!