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Have you already joined or thinking to join to any facebook photo contest where need facebook likes to win? If yes, now you should think about collecting real facebook likes for your photo. And we are here to help you on this point. You can buy good quality and cheap facebook photo likes from us. You can also buy photo likes from here for any photo of your profile or album or photo posted in you fb wall. Lets see our offer of facebook photo likes selling service:

Price List to Buy Facebook Photo Likes

  • How to buy facebook photo likes from us? Simple, Select a package from bellow > fill up the form with needed data > click on Buy Now button > it will send you to the PayPal payment page > Pay and click to continue button in paypal. Done…we get your payment and order details and we will start providing likes to your photo within 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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    So, lets buy a package:

    • It is optional. If your payment email id is different than your active email id then you should write it here.
    • You may blank this box and send us order details later when you need the likes. Our email is
    • If need, you may attach your targeted photo file here.

    Above, we listed 10 packages of 100 to 1000 likes. But, if you need more or less likes than our packages, no problem we can provide 50 to 9000 or more photo likes to any single photo, video or website where has a facebook like button.

    We also set a standard delivery time of each package. But, if you need quickly we can provide each 100 likes within one hour or less. Also if you need them slowly, we will follow your given time. You can tell us your schedule (need hurry or slowly) using bellow above form or even you can email us any time if need to change the schedule after buying facebook photo likes from us.

  • We want to be clear to you about the refund or money back policy for our buy facebook photo likes service. We refund you if :

    1. We fail to provide your bought amounts of photo likes for any of our reason.

    2. We fail to provide your purchased likes to your targeted for any of your reason. Such as your photo is private or country restricted etc.

    3. In contest, if contest authority stop or cancel the contest.

    4. For number 1,2 and 3 if already we provided any or some likes then we would refund rest non-provided likes money. Such as you buy 100 likes and after getting 43 likes your contest authority cancelled the contest….then we would refund rest 100-43= 57 likes money.

    5. If you buy facebook photo likes for contest from us, and got disqualified or your entry got deleted for our provided likes, then we will refund you the full money. In this types of case, you need to show us the official announcement url or email where contest authority announce or inform you about your disqualification.

    For any kinds of refund related problem or to ask a refund please email us at Before opening any dispute in paypal please contact with us first to ask your refund. All time, we prefer our client’s satisfaction and if your claim is OK, we refund your money without asking any single question.

  • We have listed 11 direct packages for our this facebook photo likes service. All of our packages are for round figured amounts of likes. Such as 50,100,200….up to 1000 likes. But sometimes, you may need to buy facebook photo likes in odd numbers to look it more realistic. Such as 78 likes or 237 likes or you may need more than 1000 likes for a single photo. Then what? Here is the solution. You can buy these types of custom amounts of likes from us. But, you need to buy minimum 50 likes. Here needs some manual calculations and need to send payment manually to our paypal account from your paypal. Here are the ways:

    1. Price is 0.05 USD for per 1 like

    2. Decide how many facebook photo likes you want to buy.

    3. Multiply this $0.05 by your targeted numbers of likes to find out the total price. Such as: if you need 230 likes then do it in this way: 230 × 0.05= 11.5$. You may use the bellow calculator for this calculation to buy facebook photo likes from us.

    4. After calculating, send the money to our Our Paypal ID. Which is : But if you want to pay for facebook photo likes without paypal, visit our this page to know the detail process.

    5. After sending the payment please, fill up and submit the bellow custom photo likes order form with the necessary data:

  • Before buying facebook photo likes from us you can read the reviews of our customers. We know, a company can’t satisfy it’s 100% customers, but we try our best to serve our customer the best. So, lets read reviews before buying from us:

    If you already bought service from us, you can also post your reviews about our buy facebook photo likes service by clicking bellow button:

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    Best seller to buy fb photo likes

    I have been using their service since 2011 but this is the first time I am posting a review for Just one line from me "if you want to buy facebook photo likes, then RST is the best. Best for it's delivery time, quality and customer care supporting".

    by Deborah on Blank Product Name
    You are the rocks sir!!

    We joined the contest for our school fund. Used their service of facebook photo likes. We won the 2nd prize :) Though we couldn't first but we are grateful to your team. We got $1000 for our school. Amazing. Thank you so much royalserviceteam.

    Admin reply: We tried our best to make you first but bad luck. However, it's great to see you were 2nd there and got a good amount as prize money for your your school. Best of luck for you and for your school.

    by Carry on Blank Product Name
    I gratefull to them for urgent likes

    I want to give a BIG thanks whole team.I needed urgently 1500 likes in 14 hours and thy managed it for me very timely on my request.

    by Erigmac X on Blank Product Name
    Wow, I can't believe that this is real

    I'm really impressed with the service, I got more likes straight away and that makes my video even more popular. I knew that I won't be able to win without this. Thank you very much for everything!!!

    by Autumn on Blank Product Name
    Gave me the lead

    They gave me an edge over the competition. I need their extra push and going to buy more today. With the power of my friends plus this service I am taking home the prize.

    by Ashley Nicole on Blank Product Name
    I can't believe it really works!

    First, I must say that I am extremely pleased with my purchase! I wanted to try it out so I bought 200 picture likes and asked for them within 6 hours. I got them within the first hour! I even messed up my order...twice...and they were so sweet as to understand, give me MORE likes than I purchased and like the correct picture. (I sent them the wrong picture link...twice.) They're honestly sweet, are great communicators and my pictures are still going up in likes as I type this! I'm definitely buying again, I might even make another purchase tonight! Thank you so much for everything!

    by Harold Taylor on Blank Product Name
    WOW!!! 1700 likes in less than 10 hours.

    Still now it is unbelievable to me how they collected so many facebook photo likes in 10 hours.I needed these very quick likes to win a free gift card and i won with the help of them.Cheers!!!

    by Julia nency on Blank Product Name
    I am buying photo likes from them

    I found around three months ago when I was searching to get some quick likes for photo contest for my kid.First I bought only 100 likes to test and asked them to provide these in 1 hour as I needed urgently....yes they provided these in 25 minutes.After few days I bought 700 likes and asked them to provide these in 12 days and I gave them a daily schedule.They maintained that and each day they emailed me before starting.From that time so far I have bought likes for photo contest and for my pages from them many times and still now my 2 order are running.So for quick or slow both type of photo likes is best to me.

Get Test Likes For Your Photo

Before buying facebook photo likes from us you can get 1-2 test likes to your photo. Fill up the bellow form and click on submit button. We will contact with you within 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Our Email may hit Inbox or Spam box of your email ID. So, please check both inbox and spam box of your email to find out our message.

When can you buy fb photo likes?

  • Any photo in facebook which has like button to like. It may be a contest or your personal profile photo or photo of album or posted in wall or any photo of your fan page.
  • Simple one click like to your photo without liking any other photo or page or without allowing any application to like your photo.
  • But if need to like contest page first then photo with same people then price would be double for that. Such as: if you buy 100 likes then we would provide 50 to contest page and 50 to your photo with 50 same people.
  • You can buy facebook photo likes service for any photo or video or content posted on any website outside of facebook where need facebook profile to like.
  • If you need facebook likes for video, you can also buy likes for that from this package with same price.
  • Your photo or video need to be public otherwise we can’t see that as well as can’t provide likes there.

But, if you need to buy facebook votes or likes where need to allow any application first to provide vote or like or any other online votes where need to sing up first then vote or fill up captcha to vote or online poll then you can see our this buy online votes to win contest page.

Why should buy facebook photo likes from us?

  • Our rate is very cheap and at the same time we ensure you to provide the highest quality likes.
  • If you do not want to purchase our designed fb photo likes package, we are ready to take custom order according to your need.
  • You can buy photo likes from us via different kinds of payment method including paypal and western union.
  • We don’t public or share any information about your buying photo likes from us to any place or any one.
  • We provide 100% money back guarantee. If you buy facebook likes for contest and disqualified for our likes from the contest, we refund you full money.
  • Scope to get test likes before buying. To get test likes, submit the test likes form from the middle of this page.

Questions & Answers Related to Buy Facebook Photo Likes Service:

1. Are likes from real facebook users who has profile pictures and friends?

Each like goes from such kinds of facebook profiles who has profiles pictures, friends, bio information etc. So, no worry about the quality of likes.

2. Can I buy facebook likes for any photo or link which is not related to contest from here?

Yes, you can buy likes from our this page for any profile photo or photo posted in status or album or video or any link where has facebook like button.

3. Any guarantee to help me to win the first prize of the photo contest?

If you buy facebook photo likes for contest from us answer would be NO. We do not provide any guarantee to make you the winner of any contest. We just provide the dealt amounts of likes to your targeted photo. You need to calculate about how many likes you do need to win in how much time. According to that buy that amounts of likes from us and we will provide that exact amounts of likes within your time frame. So we are not responsible to help you winning or losing in anyway.

4. What is the guarantee that you will provide likes after getting payment?

Sir, this is internet. There is no way without trusting for online based selling and buying business. We have been selling these kinds of services since 2009. We know that an online based service selling company can easily cheat but a cheating company can not stay on market for long time. If we cheat with clients then it is sure many of them will discuss about our cheating on different forums of the net and we will loss many new clients for that. So to get more recommendations from old clients all time we provide our best service to running clients. These are from us about making you trusting us. Actually we do not know more about making you trust on us in this kinds of online based business. So if you think our these words are OK to trust us then you can buy from us otherwise no need to buy facebook photo likes from us.

5. Likes come from which country/countries?

We can provide likes from USA, Canada and others North American countries. For Europe we can manage likes from UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Russia and others European countries. We do have big connection of profiles from Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Iran, Philippines, Indonesia, Israel and others Asian and middle east countries. Same words for Australia, New Zealand and others countries of that area. We can also provide facebook photo likes from Brazil and others South American countries. A huge connection from African countries such as South Africa,Libya etc. In a word we have the ability to provide likes from almost all over the world.

6. Do these likes stay long time or until finish the contest?

Each of our provided likes stay forever under your photo (if the contest stay forever).

7. What are your payment methods to buy facebook photo likes?

Our primary payment method is payapl. But we also accept credit card, skrill and payza. These all are online money transaction system. But if you don’t have any way to pay us via any of them, we accept western union or moneygram. See our this Pay without PayPal page to know more.

8. Can I buy facebook photo likes via western union or moneygram?

Yes you can.To know more about how to pay us to buy facebook photo likes to win contest via western union or moneygram please visit our this Pay without PayPal page.

9. After sending payment when will I see likes are increasing to my photo?

Normally, we take 1 hour to start promoting to get likes to your photo. So within 1 hour & 30 minutes you can see that likes are coming to your photo. But if you need quick likes, we start just after getting the payment from you for buying facebook photo likes.

10. What is your money-back policy for this buy facebook photo likes service?

Our money-back policy: if we fail to provide your bought amounts of likes for any of our reason or your reason, we will refund your money without any question. If your contest authority take any decision to stop the contest and you already paid us for facebook photo likes for that contest then no problem, we will refund you. In both case if we already provide some likes then we will refund the price of the rests non provided photo likes. To solve this kinds of issue please contact with us.

11. Will anyone know that I am buying likes from you?

If you will not tell to anyone then no one will know about this. We never share or publish anything about buying your likes from us to any website or any third party. We can ensure you this 100%.

12. Do you work also on holidays or weekend?

Great thing that we don’t have any holiday. We are ready to serve you 24 hours 7 days and 365 days. You can buy online likes for your photo from us each and everyday of the week.

13. Can you provide quick likes as my contest is ending soon?

For quick facebook photo likes, we are the rock!! Sometime we can provide 1000 likes in 2 to 3 hours for very urgency. If need urgent likes to your photo then first contact with us via our any of contact method or email us at with the link where need likes. We will get back to you very quickly to proceed the order.

14. Can you start providing likes very quickly after sending payment?

Normally, we start liking after around 1.30 hours but if you need to start just after sending the payment then tell us that in order form in the order details box.

15. Can you split/spread my bought likes to 2 or more photos or 2 or more different contests?

Yes, we can. Such as you purchased 100 facebook phot likes by 5$ and you can use 60 likes to one photo and 40 likes to another photo. This is just an example. You may split to more links any your way. Just write the links and how you want to split in the order details box while buying facebook photo likes from us.

16. How can I buy more than 1000 photo likes from you?

Good question. See in our package, we listed maximum 1000 likes package. But if you need 1200 or 1300 or 1500 or 2000 or more likes then how will you buy from us? Simple…first buy 1000 likes package then again buy another package according to your need. Such as you need to 1300 likes. First buy 1000 likes then buy 300 likes.

17. Can you send me an Invoice to buy facebook photo likes?

Yes, we can. If you need invoice before purchasing facebook photo likes, send us your paypal email id at including how many likes you need We will send you a paypal invoice there. We will start providing likes when you will pay that invoice. But if you need a normal invoice then you need to pay us first and then same way email us to our email id. We will generate a paid invoice and will forward to your email id.